Four Thumbs Productions is a film production duo founded in 2022 and consisting of filmmakers Milo Miller and Clara Thorsen. Since March 2022, we have directed, produced, written, and edited science fiction / surreal films including “What Night Brings” and the upcoming “Look!”

Watch the trailer for the upcoming short film “Look!” (2023)

Four Thumbs Productions was founded in March 2022 after the release of our first short film, the comedy-mystery “Lemongate” and its short-lived spinoff series “Lemongate Shorts”. Since then, plans for our second film, another comedy-mystery called “The Dreadful Killing of Grandmama Tickner”, fell through in November 2022, and an attempt at creating a documentary based on its creation was abandoned as we began the transition to more serious work.

Four Thumbs Productions’ first film, “What Night Brings” is on Letterboxd.

This led to the creation of “What Night Brings” in May 2023, a surreal, silent, and partially black-and-white film. Afterwards, we directed the shorter surreal film “Gold Rush”, which was directed and edited solely by Clara Thorsen, and began our frequent collaboration with actor/producer Noah Simpson. Milo later worked on solo projects including “Meatmen”. The summer of 2023 saw our biggest project yet come to fruition. “Look!” was shot between July and September of 2023. On September 10, the first trailer was released. The film is slated for completion before the end of 2023 and we will keep making more films afterward!