A normal man wakes up completely paralyzed. As his friends visit him in succession, he realizes their plans are more sinister than he first suspected.


  • Written, edited, & directed by: Milo Miller
  • Produced by: Milo Miller & Noah Simpson
  • Director of photography: Milo Miller
  • Composer: Milo Miller
  • Makeup design: Sonja Benko


  • Noah Simpson as Kevin Ronston
  • Sylvie Kelderman as Simone
  • Delia Suggs as Alice
  • Cooper Gregg as Franny
  • Amara Weinstein as Wallace
  • Alex Kostojohn as Harry


A short biopic of the wonderful radical Alfred Russel Wallace.


  • Director, writer & editor: Clara Thorsen
  • Director of photography: Clara Thorsen
  • Charlotte Park as Alfred Russel Wallace


MEATMEN (2023) is a short film made by Milo Miller and produced by WriCampia Films and Granite Cinema. The story follows two stoners who wander an unfamiliar land and try to determine what happened the night before while maintaining their uneasy friendship. Released August 22.

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  • Directed, written & edited by: Milo Miller
  • Produced by: Joey Del Deo & Will Bond
  • Director of photography: Milo Miller
  • Silver Harris as Donny
  • Paige McClusky as Joey

A Cold Front Is Rolling In…

“A Cold Front Is Rolling In…” is a new play directed by Noah Simpson and Sonja Benko and written by Milo Miller. Four teenagers spend the night in a cabin, but when a stranger arrives claiming the apocalypse will occur overnight, they descend into a spiral of paranoia and psychopathy. Performed May 18–19, 2023.



  • Directed by: Noah Simpson & Sonja Benko
  • Written by: Milo MIller
  • Amara Weinstein as Anna
  • Noah Simpson as Charlie
  • Luke Plaster as Arthur Pope
  • Lucy MacLellan as Darren
  • Sophia Jellinghaus as Emily

Very Sad Boom Operator

Very Sad Boom Operator (2023) is the new short film written and directed by Milo Miller, produced by SOCAPA Films. In the film, B.O. is a successful film boom operator who feels unfulfilled and sad with his job and his life. Featuring “Requiem in D Minor” by Mozart.

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Credits: Written, directed, and edited by Milo Miller | Shot by Julia Prce | Starring Greg Barasorda, Milo Miller, Leah Poulliot, and Dylan Camille

No Actors

No Actors (2023) is a short film made by Milo Miller and produced by SOCAPA Films. Released July 21. The film follows a young actor entangled in a relationship with an aggressively friendly fan.

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Credits: Written, directed, and edited by Milo Miller | Shot by Ethan Rivera | Sound by Monica Djuricich | Starring Lily Baskin and Valeriya Orlova | Composed by Milo Miller


Credits: Directed by Milo Miller & Orin Hurlburt | Written and edited by Milo Miller | Director of photography Orin Hurlburt | Produced by Milo Miller, Orin Hurlburt, and Arjun Hu | Starring Milo Miller